Polansky Designs

About Polansky Designs

When Rodney T. Polansky began working with steel over 25 years ago. He had a vision of creativity that he still holds today. Since then, he's worked with various ideas and pieces, not allowing any challenges get in the way of his vision. That vision is what you are looking at now; the first company to bring art to you in the form of various metals, wood, and glass. His motto is "If you can dream it, we can built it".

Sometime in the summer of 1998, Rodney's first commission piece began, and he was pleased to discover he enjoyed creating for others, just as much as he enjoyed making for himself.  From there, he's done various peices of all sizes. No size is too challenging for him to work with.  He also discovered using mix media, such as glass and wood, combined with the metal, gave each project a much more satisfying and unique look and feel.

If you can think it up, draw it, or even envision it, Polansky Designs is the premiere company to make that vision a full reality. Don't be scared of dimension, material, or limits. Polansky Designs can even do monument-size pieces. Metal itself varies, so using brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and many others can be an amazing outlet for visionary work.

Take a look around our site, see for yourself the handcrafted quality in our work. No two pieces are ever the same, each piece is hand signed and dated. Duplicate pieces can be ordered, but other than that, rest assured that what you own, is a one-of-a-kind.

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